About me

Born and raised in the Netherlands and originally educated as an electrician by profession I was left with little time in between to draw...at that time not as much as I wished and longed for.

All my life I have been drawing portraits of family and friends, nature...things around me. which allowed me to experiment with colors and different material. Art has naturally always been running through my veins and therefore manifested in other areas too...such as theater and writing to expand my polyvalence. However - I invested my time taking this talent one step further attending art school in 1976 satisfying yet another goal… affirming myself as a graphic artist. Shortly after, I landed a position in the art department of a major firm in my town. Venturing deeper into my creative vision, I opened my own business as a graphic art designer in 1988. Even though this endeavor gave me a feeling of fulfillment, I never stopped perfecting my craft. I kept making sketches and tried to develop some kind of technique in it ...which brought me to where I am today.




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